How to write a novel: The book


Many years ago, I started jotting down writing tips and tricks in a notebook. And last year, I decided to transform it into a non-fiction book for authors...
"A couple of years ago, I moved to a new house. The house was completely empty, so much so that there weren't even faucets or sinks in it. I dreamed of creating a home within those walls, but my budget was... limited, to put it mildly. Just like most people of my generation, I ordered a bunch of flat-pack furniture, the kind that requires assembling, with hundreds of screws and boards in bags and boxes.
But... surprise! The largest piece of furniture, the dining table, arrived without the instruction manual..."
These are the first lines of my new book...
"How to Write a Novel in 10 Easy Steps"
It's coming out in less than a month!

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