5 Writing Lessons I Learned in 2021

The end of yet another year of writing and self-publishing inspired me to write this post about 5 writing and life lessons 2021 taught me. Even though this has been quite a tough year for most of us, we can always find a lesson in the hardships we go through. Here's my top 5 lessons for writers (including myself) regarding sales, community, and more:

1. Your to-do list will never be done... but it's good to have one.
2. Deadlines are the best motivation... but they have to be REAL deadlines.

3. Writing is a solitary job, but the PEOPLE you surround yourself with can change EVERYTHING. Choose carefully!

4. Yes, selling books is extremely important... but sometimes you just need to tell a story. And that's important too.

5. An author's work is never finished. Something will always go wrong. Novels are never perfect. LIFE is imperfect. Don't obsess with perfection (in life, and in writing!) and recognise when it's time to let go and start a new project.


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