Resources for Authors

Autorissimo and Writers' Unlock offer many resources for authors! Have a look at some of them:

Do you have a clear sense of what the book you want to write is like, but you get stuck when it's time to start it, or when you get halfway through?

Do you have images of characters in your head and dialogues that resonate in your mind, but you feel you lack the "instruction manual" to put it all together?

If you can relate, this book is for you!

Written in a clear and entertaining tone, here you will find proven strategies for planning an intriguing story from beginning to end.

There are many ways to write a novel, but this book will show you a very easy, quick, step-by-step method, which focuses on:
  • Character-plot synergy: characters evolve in sync with the plot, maintaining intrigue and offering the reader a more credible and satisfying conclusion.
  • Flexible structure, valid for most literary genres.
  • Evolutionary development of characters - from their introduction to the resolution of the main conflict.
  • Impactful resolution of stories and inclusion of underlying messages to add layers of depth to the plot.
  • Varied examples and exercises so you can practice with your own stories.

Whether you are a new writer or an experienced one looking to perfect your skills, this book will be a great companion on your road to literary success. 

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